Why Die Castings are considered “GREEN”: How do die castings affect the environment?

Nearly all metals — and die castings in particular — have always been readily recyclable. Die castings are not hazardous waste and pose no problems in handling or reprocessing, as do some non-metallics.

Circle of recycling to create a die casting.  Recycled cans are collected (a), cans are remelted with other aluminum scrap (b) to create ingots (c), ingots are used to create a die casting (center).  Images Courtesy of © Norsk Hydro,© Alcoa, © NADCA.

Die castings offer the product designer recyclable components with engineering advantages not available in other metal forming processes. The major cost and performance benefits of parts consolidation possible with plastic components can be carried forward in die casting designs with additional advantages.

Net-shape die castings can be produced with thinner walls than comparable plastic parts, and can provide greater strength and product durability over a longer life cycle — with added serviceability.

Cost-effective die cast components can survive higher temperatures and user abuse, compared to plastic counterparts.

Threaded inserts and EMI/RFI shielding, additionally required for many plastic electronic housings, can be eliminated with a die cast housing, resulting in lower unit costs. Metal inserts in plastic housings serve to further complicate plastic recycling.

Parts redesigned as a single die cast unit from a combination of metal and plastic components, or from components produced in a variety of metals, can not only result in significantly lower costs and improved performance, but also yield advantages for recyclability. Many examples exist over a wide range of die cast product applications.

Check back next week for the last part of our three part series: “Are die castings more readily recyclable than plastics or other non-metallic components?”

If you are interested in the benefits of Aluminum Die Casting and would like a discussion on part design, contact us. Or email us at sales@diecasting.com with your part design/file for a quick response on a price quotation. We have qualified Engineers on staff that can make your designs become a cost effective die cast solution that is good for the environment, too.


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