Die casting requires precision in order to manufacture an end product that meets the individual requirements for form, fit, and function. In order to meet these precision standards, a quality metal die casting manufacturer must take into consideration the cost and process of creating a product that will have a long life and run to near perfection.

There are many strategies for engineering in die casting that can minimize costs, increase productivity, and enhance product quality. Often, a customer knows what they want and need from a quality casting. We can provide our custom design services to develop a strong, functional design that not only satisfies the customer’s needs, but also meets the highest standards for quality assurance.

We value upfront design engineering and design here at Premier Engineered Products. We want to make sure our customers are ensured the best zinc or aluminum casting product available that meets target costing and quality standards. If you’re ready to start a die casting project, Request A Quote with us today.

Engineering from Premier Engineered Products

At Premier Engineered Products, we have a team of highly skilled, creative, and trained engineers that are available to assist both existing and potential customers. These qualified engineers perform quote requests, execute rapid prototyping, along with product and tooling design to ensure customer satisfaction and a high success rates of our high-quality die casting products.

Not only are our engineering professionals involved in customer services, they act as project managers, working side-by-side with the members of our production, quality, and sales teams. By combining their efforts, they facilitate the development of functional, practical tool designs while improving both the quality and efficiency in each individual phase of the engineering and production process.

We provide a wide range of engineering solutions for die cast production including value engineering, metallurgical engineering, target pricing discussions, life cycle costing, and value analysis. With the help of our engineering professionals, you’re guaranteed a top of the line product that only we can provide here at Premier Engineered Products. If you would like to speak to one of our engineering professionals, contact us online or “ask a question”on our website.

Tooling Design

Engineering Tooling Design

Our trained professionals at Premier design each individual project through die cast tooling with durability and casting properties that guarantee a long tooling life and parts with consistent reliable quality. With an in-house design team that has die casting tools constructed by skilled suppliers, our dies are constructed with Premium H-13 that meets the material specifications developed and set by The North American Die Cast Association (NADCA). These material specifications include the die material composition and the final heat treating of the die steel to assure the die will last to optimal life.

All custom designs and engineering processes follow the standards that NADCA set in order to provide die casting parts to our customers that will be efficient, reliable, and long lasting.

If you would like to know more about engineering in die casting, “Ask a Question” and one of our die casting professionals can contact you with more information.