Die Casting for Firearms

Premier Engineered Product’s full range of services includes firearms die casting for gun parts for commercial, law enforcement and military applications. Our broad range of capabilities includes gun parts die casting for trigger guards, Remington receivers, and other rifle and shotgun parts. We implement a high-pressure die casting process that uses a licensed vacuum system to ensure the superior quality that our firearms die casting clients expect and deserve.

High-Precision Die Casting for Gun Parts

At Premier Engineered Products, we also understand the importance of precision in the gun manufacturing process. By combining state-of-the-art machinery with more than 70 years of die casting experience, we can produce die cast firearms parts that meet your exact design specifications. Whether you need die casting for shotgun parts or rifle parts, you’ll receive a finished product of remarkably consistent quality — and at a price that will fit your company’s budget.

We Specialize in Aluminum Die Casting for Gun Parts

Aluminum casting has been our specialty from the beginning. Our advanced aluminum die casting methodology enables us to provide customized firearms die casting solutions for our clients, even for complex designs and forms. We can also provide fast turnaround times for high-volume die casting jobs without sacrificing quality or precision.

Aluminum die casting for rifle parts and shotgun parts offers the advantage of lighter weight, making the weapon easier to handle and control. The aluminum die casting process also offers superior resistance against corrosion, enabling gun parts to last longer.

Firearms Die Casting Backed by Painstaking Quality Assurance

As a firearms manufacturer, you need to be completely confident in the quality of the finished products you’re providing to your clients, especially if the end users are military or law enforcement personnel. That’s why Premier Engineered Products has implemented the most stringent quality control procedures. We’re an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company that strives to live up to our self-imposed quality standard: “Do It Right the First Time.” We also demand that every member of our design, engineering and production teams make quality the primary focus of everything they do.

Firearms parts we've done:

Trigger Guard
Remington Receiver
Lever Trigger Guard