Heavy Truck Parts

Die Casting for Truck Parts

Aluminum die casting for truck parts offers several important benefits for vehicle manufacturers and owners alike. Aluminum truck parts are approximately one-third lighter than parts made from steel or steel alloys — and a lighter truck offers increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. Aluminum truck parts also exhibit excellent thermal properties and can be cast net shape, which reduces the need for surface finishing.

Premier Engineered Products has been providing innovative aluminum die casting solutions for more than 70 years. Our capabilities include customized truck parts die casting to your exact specifications. We offer premium die casting for the following truck parts:

  • Front and rear transfer cases
  • Front brake dryer systems
  • Valve covers
  • Heater cylinders
  • Gladhands

Our Truck Parts Die Casting Process

Our advanced aluminum die casting plant features the latest automated machinery that can produce high-quality work in a short amount of time. Our equipment includes cutting-edge Kawasaki robots, Visi-Trak™ monitoring systems, MFT vacuum units and various cold chamber machines. We also offer fully equipped in-house melting and finishing departments.

Superior Die Casting for Truck Parts With a Human Touch

Although most of the truck parts die casting process is automated, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive the service and attention that only a personable, human staff can offer. The accomplished Premier Engineered Products staff includes capable design and engineering professionals who will work with you to bring your designs to life. All production work is conducted under the close supervision of experienced professionals who make the quality of the finished product their primary focus. We even have a dedicated customer service representative who is available by phone, fax or email to assist you.

Truck parts we've done:

Rear Transfer Case
Heater Cylinder
Clutch Ring With Cast In Pins
Transmission Clutch Piston
Brake Cover
Valve Cover - Polished Finish