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What do I need to get a quote on a part?

If you are ready to have a quote supplied for a die casting project, then you’ve taken the steps necessary to understand that die casting is economically viable and a proven superior method versus many other alternatives. Key information should be supplied when requesting a quote for die casting parts or die casting tooling.

  • PRODUCT FUNCTION: Develop a clear statement explaining the function of your die casting, including what you need the product to perform. Determine which features are required and which might be flexible in the interest of economies.
  • MATERIAL: Deciding on which alloy is most appropriate for your project is largely dependent upon the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties required. If more than one alloy is feasible, price generally prevail. Four major alloy groups account for a majority of die casting including aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and ZA. It is best to assess the relative differences between each alloy by obtaining a comparison chart from your die cast supplier.
  • STRUCTURAL PERFORMANCE: Where will your die casting reside? Will it be subject to environmental stresses such as extreme temperatures, long term or short term applied loads, cyclic or impact pressure, etc?
  • VOLUME/SUPPLY: What is the annual quantity you will require? How many do you plan to ship at one time? This is important to determine what type of tooling will best serve your needs.
  • POST-PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS: Will your die casting require machining or other surface treatments such as decorative effects, corrosion protection, or increased hardness or wear protection?
  • DRAFT OF DESIGN: Submitting a solid model, AutoCAD® drawing or other rendering that displays the features you require is especially helpful to the die casting supplier. Drawings enable die casting suppliers to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of your project including angles, intersection of walls, ribs, gussets, etc.

Obtaining a quote for your die casting project will require a detailed discussion with your supplier. Providing specific information upfront will help make the quote process more efficient and ensure your final price is as close to the estimate as possible.

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What do I need to get a quote on a part?