Assembly And Testing

Assembly and Testing

We at Premier have the facilities and expertise to do many types of assembly and testing. Product Assembly is ensured to maintain the highest standard of quality, as well as efficient turn around times utilizing assembly lines for large quantities.

From simple mechanical assembly and pressure testing, to electrical assembly and testing with a network analyzer. This will allow you to purchase a finished product rather than just a component.

Electronic test equipment is used to create stimulus signals and capture responses from electronic Devices. The proper operation of the electronic device can be confirmed or flawed in the device, which can be traced and repaired. Use of electronic test equipment is essential for any type of work on electronics systems.


Assembly & Testing Tools
Assembly & Testing
Assembled Part



Equipment List
  • 8 Dedicated Nutrunner Machine Centers, CATV Housings
  • 10 Leak Test Stations, CATV Housings
  • 6 Component Assembly Presses, CATV Housings
  • 1 Automated Dryer
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical Housings
  • Truck, Auto (2nd tier only)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Air Products
  • Firearms
  • Consumer Products
Industry Assocations North American Die Casting Association – Corporate Member
Certification ISO 9001:2008



Assembled Part
Assembly Line
Test Equipment
LE Assembled & Painted
Printer Carriage Machined & Assembled
HISU Enclosure
CATV Housing Top
Compression Piston and Rod



8” Gas Meter Cover Leak Test

This machine was custom built for cover casting testing purposes. The video shows the standard testing procedures for Sensus Metering electronic gas meter covers. The outcome of this test will determine whether the casting is leak proof. If no gas leaks through the walls the product is approved.

415 Gas Meter Pressure Testing

Using the custom meter testing machine, the main body of the gas meters are submerged in water. The video shows the standard testing pressure testing process for Sensus Metering electronic gas meter bodies.