Electrical & Aluminum Enclosures

Custom Electrical & Aluminum Die Cast Enclosures from Premier Engineered Products

With over 70 years of experience in die casting, our customized services specialize in product design for a variety of electronic enclosures, boxes, and cabinets. Over the years, we have catered to a number of industrial companies and manufacturers. With years of experience, we specialize in providing custom enclosures to fit your product needs.

Industries That Use Electrical Enclosure Die Casting

Electronic enclosures are used to control and safety proof products. This makes die casting for electrical enclosures extremely valuable for use in a broad range of industries. Perhaps the industry that makes the most use of die casting for electrical parts is telecommunications. In fact, leading telecommunications companies have proposed specific requirements for the manufacturing of die cast electrical enclosures and cabinets. As a result, these telecommunication “huts” are now built to withstand the most severe climatic conditions in the United States.

Other common uses for die casting services for electrical enclosures include the manufacturing of traffic lights, as well as electronic devices that make use of circuit boards. They’re also used to house electronic components found in many automobiles, along with audio equipment, generators, lighting and more.

Specific Electrical Enclosure Die Casting Applications

As a leading electrical enclosure manufacturer, Premier Engineered Products can design and produce die cast electrical parts for your specific applications. Whether your project calls for thousands of pieces, or just a small quantity of parts to start off a large long term scale project our metal enclosures are used in a number of different ways, including:

Dell LCD Enclosure
  • Telecommunication enclosures for wireless transmission boxes mounted on cell towers
  • LCD Frames, where the LCD screen requires a rigid and sturdy metal frame to protect the electronics behind the screen.
  • Cable TV amplifier housings for increasing the signal from the head end cable station to houses on the system
  • Electrical control units to houses electronics for automotive under the hood applications
  • LED lighting enclosures that require watertight applications
  • Generator Protection to waterproof electric motors to avoid shorts
  • PCB Enclosures such as aluminum die cast boxes used to weatherproof circuit boards that require a watertight exterior. These can be custom UL enclosures with built in mounting bosses, gasket grooves, and special openings for cable fastening. Many of these enclosures can also be designed as NEMA boxes for special harsh environmentally applications.
  • Metal Chassis, which protects circuit boards and is used for heat transfer while increasing speed and cooling the electronics of the system
  • Subwoofer Equipment, whether large or small, custom aluminum die cast enclosures compliment any installation while increasing sound quality, a surrounding box helps protect the speakers

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Manufacturing Electronic Enclosures

Traffic Light Aluminum Enclosure

Enclosures come in all shapes and sizes and have a multitude of functions. Due to the nature of the industries they serve, electrical enclosures are heavily used by industrial manufacturers. Enclosures, cabinets, and boxes are integral to protecting products when placing electronics in harsh environments.

A sturdy material such as aluminum or some type of metal is most commonly used. Using a design that is custom-made for the product ensures the enclosure will be a perfect fit. If the product is placed outside, the enclosure will provide weatherproofing for small parts that could potentially be ruined by water or heat damage – a good example of this would be a stoplight.

As the stoplight is placed inside the enclosure, the heat and energy is transferred back to the outside, thus making the light functional. The stoplight enclosure also needs to be watertight so that rain and water cannot enter and short out the electronic boards inside. A die casting is able to provide a gasket channel so a gasket can be installed to accomplish the waterproofing of the enclosure. The gasket channel is cast in an economical manner and does not add cost to the die casting.

Many indoor products, such as electronic chassis’ are required for technical reasons but must also be designed as a cooling panel. Many panels are created with a series of fins or pin fins located near the heat source, allowing the heat to escape from the electronics, thus improving life of the electronic components.

Custom Electrical Enclosures To Fit Your Needs

All of our custom equipment enclosures are designed with the product and the end user in mind. Our die cast products offer a number of features that allow the interior of the product to be accessed after installation. We are able to die cast integral hinges into our enclosure castings, which reduce assembly cost and are very durable in the field. The hinges allow for a die cast cover to be assembled onto the enclosure with closure fasteners thus making for an efficient opening/closing of the enclosure. This capability is critical when servicing the product.

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