Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing Services in NJ

After all aspects of the casting and machining are complete, we can apply all aesthetic, functional, or protective coatings. The various finishing options we offer with our metal casting services include:

  • Vibratory Deburring: Our metal finishing services include vibratory deburring that can effectively remove sharp edges and other imperfections from the surface of the product. Deburring can also prepare the surface for painting and other finishing processes, as well as improve the product’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Shotblasting: Another commonly used die cast finishing process is shotblasting, which involves the high-speed projection of steel particles to clean or strip the surface. Commonly applied shot blasting techniques include airblasting and wheelblasting.
  • Robotic Sanding, Polishing, and Bright Finish: Robotics provides a fully automated metal finishing solution for fast and efficient surface sanding and polishing. Robots are typically equipped with a series of buffing and sanding wheels that are capable of providing a smooth, bright finish.
  • Robotic Painting: Our die cast finishing services also include robotic painting that offers the benefits of superior performance, flexibility and consistency. The robotic painting process can also result in fewer errors and lower costs when compared to “human” painting.
  • Powder Paint: Powder painting, which is also known as powder coating, involves the application of an organic powder that achieves paint adhesion through electrostatic attraction. Powder painting offers maximum efficiency and is also friendlier to the environment than solvent-based painting methods.
  • Wet Spray Paint: Our metal finishing company can precisely execute traditional wet spraying processes that are extremely beneficial in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Plating- Chromate, E-Nickel, Cadmium, and Silver Plating: Electroplating is the process of depositing metal ions onto the surface of a product via electrodeposition for purposes such as increasing corrosion resistance and enhancing aesthetic appeal. We can provide plating services using various types of metals.
  • E Coating: Electrophoretic painting, also known as e-coating, is somewhat similar to electroplating, except that paint is electrodeposited onto the surface instead of metal. Our metal casting services include an effective e-coating process that is often preferable to traditional painting.

Large capacity vibratory deburring is a popular finishing technique in circumstances where “pre-plate” or operator handling of the product is important. This method provides two benefits in one process: smooth radiused edges and removal of the oils used in machining and trimming. We offer any combination of plastic, ceramic, steel, and other media.

Shotblasting provides a “sand blast” finish in a variety of textures. We recommend this technique for both “flash” removal and pre-paint texturizing. Shotblasting also gives the product a brightened metal finish.

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Robotic Polishing Cell
Automated Polishing Cell
Bright Polished Finish
Painted Dock Station

Polished Finish Done with Robotics



Equipment List
  • 1 Tumbleblast Wheelabrator, Wheelabrator-Frye
  • 1 Vibratory Mill, Sweco, Model 10 FT3
  • 1 Vibratory Mill, Sweco, Model 20 FT3
  • 1 Vibratory Mill, Rotofinish, Model 55S
  • 1 Automated Sanding and Polishing Robotic Cell
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical Housing
  • Truck, Auto (2nd tier only)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Air Products
  • Firearms
  • Consumer Products
Industry Assocations North American Die Casting Association – Corporate Member



Roto- Finish Vibratory Machine
Wheelabrated Finish
Frame with Castin Threads
K-L Silver Plated Filter Housing
Office Chair Hub – E-Coated
Lever Trigger Guard – Painted
Lionel Trains – Painted
Ohaus Short Beam – Painted
Flange Connector – Nickel Plated
IBM Short Frame – E-Nickel Plated
Compressor Piston & Connecting Rod
LE Assembly Painted