Product Design Featuring High-precision Die Casting Prototypes

Creating excellent aluminum and zinc die cast parts for various types of industries is only part of what we do at Premier Engineered Products. We also offer complete die cast design services to ensure the finished product is ideally suited for your specific applications. A key element of our die casting design process is the development of customized prototypes that will bring your specific unique design and engineering requirements to life.

Our Die Casting Prototype Services Improve Quality and Efficiency

Our highly skilled, creative engineers provide assistance to our customers and prospective customers with quotes, part redesigns for die casting, and tooling design. They act as project managers, working closely with production, quality and sales. These combined efforts facilitate the development of functional, practical tool designs and improve quality and efficiency in all phases of engineering and production. Premier Engineered Products offers several options to bring your design to life when it comes to prototyping.

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Prototyping can provide the following advantages over the Manufacture of Production Tooling initially.

  • Metal parts (prototypes) in days instead of weeks
  • Less expensive than Permanent Tooling
  • Shorter Lead-time than Permanent Tooling
  • Avoids delay of normal product development schedules
  • Produce product to approximate desired features of the proposed die casting for testing and evaluation

Prototype Parts

Cast Using Precision Sand Casting

Cast using precision sand casting

Premier can handle your product designs from part print or a 3D model to a tangible useable metal part for you to use for testing or limited production.

Working with a prototype partner, Premier can supply prototype metal castings in quantities of (1-50) via sand, investment and plaster processes. We are able to provide Magnesium, Aluminum, & Zinc parts for proof of concept before you transition to die casting & short run productions to serve as a bridge for the same purpose or for your end production needs.

We Specialize in Quick Turn Die Casting Rapid Prototypes

The quick-turn casting prototype processes provided are suited to rapid prototyping of a few parts to short production runs less than 500 pieces per year in Aluminum & Zinc.

First article non-ferrous prototypes can be produced in as few as 7 days from receipt of 3D CAD file. If secondary operations are required to the part then we can supply parts within 2 weeks after receipt of the approved 3D model.

Prototype casting methods include RPM (Rubber Plastic Mold) casting, sand casting & rapid investment casting.

Prototypes part sizes available with less than 3 cu. ft. volume determined by the maximum extent in each axis.

Common casting wall thickness is .080 in., but .050 in. or less is possible depending on feature geometry. Casting capabilities include thin walls, intricate geometry with multiple slides or cores, zero draft & complex parting lines.

Prototype Machining services are all performed with our prototype partner and developed jointly with the Engineering staff at Premier so your designs are readily transitioned into the die casting process.

Prototype Processes

Integrated Heat Sink Fin Cast Using Rubber Plaster Mold Casting

Integrated heat sink fin cast using rubber plaster mold casting

Premier’s prototype partner offers 5 different prototype processes to manufacture your parts.

The ability to select the most appropriate process based on the design requirements of the part allows us to tailor our solutions to our customer’s needs.

From Rapid Investment casting using a lost wax process, which is suitable for making smaller quantities of parts to Rubber Plaster Mold, and Precision Sand casting, which allow us to make production quantities of larger parts, we offer a process that fits the job.

When the part is too large for our lost wax investment casting process, and the number of parts doesn’t justify hard tooling, we can offer castings using a printed sand mold process. Additionally, we are fully capable of machining parts from stock.

5 Available Prototyping Processes

  • Rubber Plastic Mold Casting
  • Rapid Investment Casting
  • Machining
  • Precision Sand Casting
  • Printed Sand Mold Process

Years of Experience Behind Every Die Cast Mold Design

Premier Engineered Products has been providing superior die casting design services for more than 70 years. You can count on our extensive experience in die casting metal prototypes to come up with the ideal product design for your company. We also use the most advanced die casting technology to implement your prototype and create an end product that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us to learn more about our die cast design services.




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